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From Mocha to Vitest for 2X Faster Tests

Why bother migrating to Vitest? Vitest is a modern test runner with improved perfomance and developer experience comapred to many other existing alternatives, which explains its growing popularity. More specifically, Vitest simplifies configuration, supports TypeScript & ESM, and popular component libraries out of the box. Last but not least, it comes with code coverage analysis, and overall, saving hours of tedious work for developers.

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Alex Bit and Greg Pabian

Next.js app router migration

Next.js App Router Migration with Codemod

The importance of code migrations Code migration projects are crucial for making codebases secure and performant, and for keeping users and developers happy and productive. For instance, Next.js, the leading React framework, has recently introduced a major architectural improvement that helps developers build more performant apps faster and with a better developer experience. However, these large-scale migrations are often tedious and error-prone for developers, especially in larger codebases. As generative AI speeds up code creation and more companies end up with massive codebases, migration campaigns can go from difficult to downright impossible without proper infrastructure (article by Google). "What’s dangerous is not to evolve.” - Jeff Bezos

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Save days of manual work by running automation recipes to automate framework upgrades, right from your IDE or CLI.

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