We are on a mission to bring life to the lifeless code.

Our story

We're a passionate team, ordinary, but driven by extraordinary ambitions. Our heart lies in pioneering the future of software development, obsessed with crafting delightful developer experiences.

We are pragmatic. We fearlessly tackle tough challenges and automate tasks not just for ourselves but for millions of developers worldwide.

Together, we're on a mission to bring life to the lifeless code and revolutionize every aspect of human life.

Meet the team behind Codemod

Alex BitFounder & CEO
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Product & team lead, built scalable AI-powered automation platforms at Meta for 70+ eng teams.

Pardis Pashakhanloo, PhDFounding AI Engineer
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ML for code scientist, built e2e SOTA AI systems, Sharif & UPenn alumni.

Greg Marzencki Sr. Founding Engineer
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Built scalable 0 to 1 systems at startups and the big tech, with high product quality and velocity.

Dmytro HryshynSr. Founding Engineer
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Full stack engineer, successfully handled many large code migrations with automations.

Previously:Magic Square
Benny JooFounding Engineer
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Frontend engineer, former engineer at MUI, one of the most popular React UI libraries.

Sasha MysakFounding Engineer
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Full-stack engineer, competitive builder, no boilerplate programmer

Previously:Red Acre
Mohab SamehFounding Engineer/DevRel
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Engineer with web building expertise, leading the developers community.

Arsh GoyalFounding Engineer/DevRel
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Senior Engineer and fervent advocate for the education of fellow software engineers, engaging an audience of 200,000 developers.

Rajkiran PanugantiAI Engineer
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LLM, GPT architect. Scalable GenAI systems, deep learning, AI & ML, systems architecture expert.

Michael DemidoffBackend & DevOps Engineer
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Full-stack and DevOps engineer, building with security in mind.

Trusted by hundreds of developers at progressive software companies.

Codemod automates code migrations for developers in small or very large teams.

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Backed by incredible investors

Codemod automates code migrations for developers in small or very large teams.

Elias Manousos

VP, 4x founder

Quinn Slack

CEO & Founder

Adam Frankl

VP Marketing

Matt Biilmann

CEO & Founder

Chris Bach

CRO & Founder

Martin Basiri

CEO & Founder

Peer Richelsen

CEO & Founder

Colin Sidoti

CEO & Founder

Isaac Evans

CEO & Cofounder

Drew Dennison

CTO & Cofounder

Babak Pahlavan

PM Director

Ali Basiri

Eng Director

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