• Typescript/Use Template Literals

    This codemod replaces string concatenations with template literals.

  • Typescript/Remove Public Modifier

    This codemod removes public modifier in interface declarations as it is implicit.

  • Remove Unused Feature Flags 2

    This experimental codemod replaces function calls in a form of await functionName(), based on the following arguments: - fileMarker is the marker of files that contain feature flag builders, - functionName is the name of the feature flag builder function, - featureFlagName is the target feature flag name. You need to pass these arguments using the Codemod Arguments' settings or using the Codemod CLI.

  • Redwoodjs/Core/4/Auth Decoder

    This codemod for RedwoodJS v4 automatically inserts an authDecoder property into the createGraphQLHandler call if it's not already present. It also adds an import statement for authDecoder from @redwoodjs/auth-auth0-api at the beginning of the file, ensuring that the necessary functionality for authentication is correctly integrated.