• Next/14/Next Og Import

    This codemod moves transforms imports from next/server to next/og for usage of Dynamic OG Image Generation.

  • Next/14/Metadata To Viewport Export

    This codemod migrates certain viewport metadata to viewport export.

  • Next/13/Upsert Use Client Directive

    Since Next.js 13.4, you can mark the files that contain only client-side code with the use client directive at the top.

  • Next/13/Replace Use Search Params

    A recent update in Next.js brought a breaking change: the useSearchParams hook no longer includes params. To ease the migration, the new useCompatSearchParams hook can be used. This hook mimics the behavior of the old useSearchParams in two ways:

  • Next/13/Replace Next Router

    Since Next.js 13.4, you can use the following hooks from the next/navigation module:

  • Next/13/Replace Next Head

    Generates a static metadata object based on meta tags managed by next/head.

  • Next/13/Replace Api Routes

    Replaces API Routes with Route Handlers.

  • Next/13/Remove Next Export

    The next export command is deprecated. This codemod dangerously removes all references to the command in *.md, *.sh, package.json. It also adds a property output with the value export to the module.exports object in next.config.js files.

  • Next/13/Remove Get Static Props

    The following data fetching methods are no longer available in the app directory:

  • Next/13/Next Image To Legacy Image

    This codemod safely migrates existing Next.js 10, 11, 12 applications importing next/image to the renamed next/legacy/image import in Next.js 13 by replacing next/image imports with next/legacy/image and replacing next/future/image imports with next/image.

  • Next/13/New Link

    Safely removes <a> from Link components imported from the next/link module or adds the legacyBehavior prop on the component level.

  • Next/13/New Image Experimental

    This codemod dangerously migrates the usages of the Image component from the next/legacy/image module to the next/image module. This is achieved by adding inline styles and removing unused props.

  • Next/13/Move Css In Js Styles

    This highly experimental codemod moves the CSS-in-JS styles into the CSS Modules.

  • Next/13/Comment Deletable Files

    This codemod is recommended when migrating from the /pages to the /app directory.

  • Next/13/Built In Next Font

    This codemod transforms the module specifier @next/font/* in import statements into next/font/*.

  • Next/13/App Router Recipe

    The App Router Recipe is a set of codemods that assist you with the pages-to-app migration process.

  • Next/13/App Directory Boilerplate

    The first step to migrate your pages to the app directory is to provide a new file structure, respected by the App router.

  • Next/13/Ab Test

    This codemod generates boilerplate code for A/B tests using the Next.js middlewares. The middleware controls the redirects from the legacy to the future pages. You can control the redirection probability and targeted pages using environment variables.