Next.js V13 to V14 Upgrade

Next.js V13
Next.js V13
Next.js V14

Next.js v14 introduces the new Turbopack compiler, partial prerendering, stable server actions, and more changes aimed toward better performance and stability.

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Next.js V13
Next.js V13
Next.js V14

Next.js App Router Migration Features


Next.js 14 Introduces Turbopack, which brings 53% faster local server startup and 94% faster code updates with Fast Refresh.

Stable Server Actions

Next.js v14 moves server actions to stable and brings progressively enhanced mutations integrated with caching & revalidating and simple function calls.

Partial Prerending

Next.js 14 Introduces partial prerendering which allows fast initial static response + streaming dynamic content.

Next.js V13 to V14 Upgrade

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