Senior Software Engineer, Migrations (Customer Success)

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Company Mission

Code has immense power in shaping the world we live in.

We are on a mission to build the world's best code automation platform to bring life to the big code that runs our world**,** accelerate innovation & increase quality in all aspects of our lives like never before.

The Mission of This Role

You will own the success of the migration campaigns for our customers by leveraging our code automation platform and migration runbook.

Reporting directly to CEO, you will work closely with our customers’ engineering leaders and our own product engineers to empower them to deliver 10-100x faster migrations, seize new opportunities instantly, and build cutting-edge software.

This role is a chance to join our mission-driven startup at the ground level right before we lift off and shape how we serve the world’s top innovators. We seek someone with technical depth, customer empathy, and a passion for pushing boundaries.


  1. Own migration campaigns (in JS/TS ecosystem) for customers
    1. You ensure business continuity and reliability during and after the migration
    2. You measure the impact of your migration tasks and report to the leadership and customers.
    3. You successfully operationalize Intuita’s code automation platform for any client based on their needs and build custom codemods for them to automate the undifferentiated coding tasks.
    4. You manage tasks and share status updates professionally, measure your impact objectively, all with little to no guidance, and overall provide a delightful customer experience.
  2. Operationalize platform for customers
    1. You quickly evaluate customers SDLC tooling and stack, operationalize our platform and work with our engineering team to build any missing integrations required to bring autonomy to their large scale code changes.


  1. 5+ years working in software development professionally, with 1+ year of recent experience building with TypeScript and 1+ years with Next.js.
    1. You have proven track record or you are very confident to fully own large migration projects, from managing technical conversations with clients to breaking down the project into smaller milestones, providing timeline estimates, proposing different innovative solutions with pros and cons for each. You will never get blocked or wait for others to tell you what to do.
  2. Solid experience of building complex Next.js apps
    1. Including the commonly used frameworks and libraries with Next.js (state management, styling, testing, data fetching, routing and navigation, UI component libraries, type checking, backend and API interaction, authentication, SEO, linting, analytics, i18n, SSG) and knowledgable about Next.js App Router paradigm and Server-Side Rendering.
  3. Track record of large code migration and modernization projects
    1. While ensuring business continuity and reliability during and after the migration.
    2. You have used codemods before, and if not you have keen interest to learn about them. Ideally you have built one before.
  4. Product-minded and interested in automating repetitive coding tasks
    1. You have a tendency with a sweet balance of doing whatever it takes to get the job done while being curious about automating things and building a delightful product
  5. Communication skills: you have great communication skills both written and verbal.
    1. You are to the point and clear in thinking.
    2. You are confident, bold, and opinionated.
    3. English skills:
      1. Minimum: Professional working proficiency
      2. Desired: Full professional proficiency

Nice to have:

  1. Strong computer science foundation, programming languages, AST, data structures, compiler theory.
  2. Experience of building and using “codemods” for large scale code changes.
  3. Natural problem solver: in face of complex technical problems, you always come up with innovative solutions.
  4. Successful track record of working and communicating directly with customers.

Why Us?

  1. We are at a pivotal point of our company. About to lift off. Early enough to get big skin in the game. Late enough that we have a product, paying customers, investors, and a great team.
  2. We are fortunate to be backed by multi-billion dollar devtool founders and a big network of executives in Silicon Valley which drastically increases our chances of success in the future.
  3. We are loving & caring. Energizing & activating. We are understanding and flexible. We are open-minded. Ever-growing. If we decide to partner up, be ready to have the work experience of your life.


  • Design your own benefits package!

How to Apply

Book a screening meeting with Alex here

And share your resume/LinkedIn profile in the invite.

Interview Process

  1. 15-min screening with Alex
  2. 45-min interview
  3. 1-hour pair programming session
  4. In-person culture fit meeting
  5. Reference check
  6. Designing the compensation package (cash, stock, perks) together

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