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Company Mission

Code has immense power in shaping the world we live in.

We are on a mission to build the world's best code automation platform to bring life to the big code that runs our world, accelerate innovation & increase quality in all aspects of our lives like never before.

The Role Mission

As the tech lead of Codemod, your mission is to build the world's best platform for code automation at scale, to help engineering teams of any size modernize their code 10-100 times faster than ever before. You are a hands-on engineer/ tech lead, have worked in big tech and startups, and have the experience of 0 to 1 scaled product development. You will be leading a remote team of stellar engineers in Europe.


  1. Own product roadmap
    1. You are on top of market trends and research, and document your vision in your short-term and long-term product roadmaps.
    2. You start with envisioning an exceptional outcome for our users and customers and then work backwards to the implementation, laying out the architecture and the game plan to go from where we are today to where we are going to be in the following months and years.
    3. You have the expertise and confidence to provide time estimates for product deliveries, considering the throughput of the team you lead.
    4. You are keen on learning and leveraging cutting-edge technologies, including AI/ML, to solve code evolution problems at scale.
  2. Lead the engineering team
    1. You lead by example, inspiring your team. You know how to deliver at peak performance for extended periods of time and inspire others to do the same with their delivery, so they can have the most productive and joyful days of their careers.
    2. You help the team grow personally and professionally and deliver as a team by guiding them on prioritization, removing roadblocks for them, educating them, and assigning tasks that align with their strengths.
    3. You build and grow the team by interviewing candidates who constantly raise the bar of delivery and quality within the team.
    4. Be accountable for ****the success of code migration campaigns for our customers done by our engineering team
      1. As a hands-on tech lead, you distribute the workload among the team based on their strengths, and if needed, you roll up your sleeves and do whatever it takes to ensure we really solve our customers' problems.


  1. 8+ years working in software development professionally, with 1+ year of recent experience building with TypeScript and 1+ year with Next.js.
  2. You have great communication skills and a track record of leading progressive software teams and large projects.
  3. Track record of large code migration and modernization projects, ensuring business continuity and reliability during and after the migration.
  4. You have a keen product sense and are obsessed with creating a delightful developer experience.
  5. Experience in building distributed systems and developing containerized applications.
  6. Natural problem solver: in the face of complex technical problems, you always come up with innovative solutions.

Nice to have:

  1. Solid experience in building complex Next.js apps, including commonly used frameworks and libraries with Next.js (state management, styling, testing, data fetching, routing and navigation, UI component libraries, type checking, backend and API interaction, authentication, SEO, linting, analytics, i18n, SSG), and knowledgeable about the Next.js App Router paradigm and Server-Side Rendering.
  2. Strong computer science foundation, programming languages, AST, data structures, compiler theory.
  3. Experience in building and using "codemods" for large-scale code changes.
  4. Successful track record of working and communicating directly with customers.

Why Us?

  1. We are at a pivotal point of our company. About to lift off. Early enough to get big skin in the game. Late enough that we have a product, paying customers, investors, and a great team.
  2. We are fortunate to be backed by multi-billion dollar devtool founders and a big network of executives in Silicon Valley which drastically increases our chances of success in the future.
  3. We are loving & caring. Energizing & activating. We are understanding and flexible. We are open-minded. Ever-growing. If we decide to partner up, be ready to have the work experience of your life.


  • Design your own benefits package!

How to Apply

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Interview Process

  1. 15-min screening with Alex
  2. 45-min interview
  3. 1-hour pair programming session
  4. In-person culture fit meeting
  5. Reference check
  6. Designing the compensation package (cash, stock, perks) together

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