React & Codemod Announcement

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React + Codemod illustration

We’re excited to announce that we are partnering with the React team to build and maintain the react-codemod repo, offering open-source codemods to enhance the migration experience for React 19 and beyond.

React 19 Migration

To kick things off, we've released 10 new codemods and recipes to assist with upgrading to React 19. Upgrade your React project with the following command:

npx codemod@latest react/19/migration-recipe

For more details, refer to the official upgrade guide for React 19 or explore the codemods directly in the Codemod Registry.

Enhanced Migration with Codemod

Our Codemod platform surpasses the legacy react-codemod in many ways, offering numerous improvements for existing React codemods and other codemods:

  1. Diverse Codemod Engines: We support various engines like ast-grep, ts-morph, and LLM-based engines (Codemod 2.0), allowing us to choose the best tool for each task, unlike react-codemod which relied solely on jscodeshift.
  2. Recipes: An ordered list of codemods that can be executed with one click to streamline your migration workflow.
  3. Flexible File Selection: Better control over which files are processed.
  4. Dependency Management: Simplify the installation and uninstallation of dependencies after running your codemods.
  5. Enhanced Performance: Enjoy faster execution times with threading.
  6. Integrated Formatter: Automatically format code post-modification for clean, readable output.
  7. Community and Reporting: Report issues and engage with the community for support. We are just one CLI command away: npx codemod feedback.
  8. AI Customization: Build new or customize existing codemods with the help of AI in Codemod Studio.
  9. Unified Search (codemod search <fuzzy-terms>): Find all codemods regardless of language, framework, or publisher.
  10. Argument Flexibility: Customize codemods with specific arguments. Examples include feature flag clean up codemods.
  11. Enterprise Support: Manage large-scale changes for big enterprises. Codemod architecture is designed from day one to optimize community involvement while separating features needed for large teams and enterprises. Contact us for more details.

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